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Next Tuesday, we start doing shipment at night, after the store has closed. Nine at night til six the next morning. That is the only down side, that I can see. We are guaranteed forty hours, there are no customers, no idiot manager that I hate, no customers, no frigging dress code, did I mention the no customers part. It will mess up my sleeping for the next three weeks, but come on, no customers, how can you beat that?

When I was with RadioShack, I had the keys to the store and I loved doing shipment early in the morning before the store opened up. The shipment would arrive at six or seven, Thursday evening. I would walk into the store at five-thirty or six Friday morning. Eat my breakfast and get to work. Boxes flying all over the place, because I was just emptying them and letting them pile up. I was a shipment machine, LOL. Eight o'clock or so, I would stop and start crushing the empty boxes. The manager would show up around eight thirty, we would talk for a little bit, then he would do his paperwork and I would go back to my shipment. Nine o'clock and it was time to open the store. So for three hours, I was happy.

But, that of course is not completely true, because even though the store was closed, I still had to deal with customers. How, you might ask, well let me give you some examples.

I had customers calling the store at that time of the morning (six) wanting to know if the store was open. Because, they would look out their window, see the lights on in the store and assume that meant that the store was open for their questions. I would tell them that there were no salespeople in the store to help them and to call back after nine o'clock. These customers would then have the balls to ask me why I was in the store, if not to help them. I would kindly tell them, that I was doing shipment, tell them 'goodbye' and hang up the phone.

Then of course, there were the idiots in the street going across the street to Bagel Delight, to get their morning coffee and bagel, because they were too lazy to make themselves. They would walk passed the store and every one of them had to try the door because at six in the morning, they had to go into RadioShack. Even though the sign clearly said that the store opened at nine, they would bang on the door to get my attention, to ask if the store was open. Dah, the locked door should have been answer enough. Some would actually wave (or try to wave) me over to ask me a question. Depending on my mood, I would go to the door and ask them what they wanted. First thing they would want, is me to open the door, that wasn't going to happen, at which point I would walk back to my boxes. Most of the time, I ignored them and they got the hint and walked away. Really, if the door is locked, the sign says 'nine' and your watch says 'seven oh three', why would you bang on the door and ask if you can get something?

But then again, this is the same neighborhood, where some dumbass walked in and demanded that one of the salespeople fix his cellphone. Why, you ask? Because dumbass was fooling around with it and somehow changed the language to 'Chinese'. Even though he insisted that when he bought it A WEEK AGO, that was how the salesperson left it. Right, did I mention that at the time, the salespeople in the store were black, the assistant manager was spanish, the manager and I were white? At one time, we did have an assistant manager that was Chinese, but sad to say she had to transfer to another store to help out. Li and I were a deadly combination. Not to each other, but to the customers and especially to the salespeople. That was the only time, that I didn't always side with the salespeople, you mess with my salespeople, you need to deal with me, except if it was salesperson vs Li. Nope, sorry, Nancy has a new mistress, salesperson had to fend for his or herself. Anyway, back to dumbass and his Chinese phone. Salesperson Joanne, suggested he go to a Chinese Restaurant and have someone there fix his phone. It sounded like a good idea to me, but idiot gave her a nasty look and left.

I was in thie store for three years and I hated every minute of it. No, it wasn't the store I hated, it was the neighborhood. Customers would tell me, 'you must hate your job'. No, dimwit, I love my job. I LOVE doing shipment, I LOVE doing displays and planograms, I LOVE organizing stockrooms. What I hate, is dealing with stupid customers. Maybe three quarters of the customers are normal, sensible people, but it is that other quarter of idiots that make me want to cut someone. In this neighbor, they consider themselves 'open minded'. They are all for gay rights, women's rights, going green. But they are as racist as the deep South in the 1960's. Oh, don't get me wrong, there are black people in Park Slope, but for the most part, they are the nannies that take care of the children, so that the parents can relax at home. You want to hear how racist the Park Slopians are, take a seat.

So, one afternoon, I had finished my shipment and was hanging with the salespeople just before it was time to leave. Frank, Gainson, and Ben were standing close to the front of the store. Joanne was standing behind the counter and I was leaning against the T wall. A 'T wall' separates the left and right sides of the back of the store. Say you had a wall that was in between your living room and the kitchen, but you could stand in front of that wall and see both rooms, that is a T wall. So, this stupid Park Slopian 'female dog' walked into the store. Frank said 'good afternoon' and Gainson also said 'good afternoon'. She walked past them without a word. Joanne said 'good afternoon' to her, as she walked past the counter, also without acknowledging the greeting. I had been watching her since she walked in, and I could see where and to whom she was going. I forgot to mention (but you could probably correctly assume) that Joanne, Frank, and Gainson are black. Ben is from Puerto Rico. So, Miss Racist had now reached me, and the salespeople were smiling because they knew what was going to happen. Miss Racist asked me for help. I told her that she needed to talk to one of the salespeople. Forgot something, salespeople take all kinds of certifications to know all that they need to know to sell. As a stockperson, I did not need to take all that crap, so unless the customer had the most basic of questions, I can't help them. So, back to Miss Racist. She actually looked behind her at all the black faces, and told me that she wanted 'my help'. I told her that they were the salespeople and they were here to help her. The salespeople were silently laughing at her ass because they knew what my number one rule was. (do not diss my salespeople). So, she stood there looking stupid, until Frank took pity on her and asked her want she needed. She gave me one last look and then reluctantly talked to Frank. But then all of a sudden, realized that she had left her wallet at home, and left. Open minded my butt.

So, I am looking forward to doing shipment at night, without customers asking me stupid questions. This is supposed to last three weeks. Hmmm. This is Heaven.
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