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My friend Sabrina lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, which is an hour behind us in NYC. I would watch the SPN episode and email her during the show. I would let her know if it was a good episode and that she would enjoy it or if it was crap and to not bother, Then on Thursday or Friday, if she didn't watch the episode, I would send her a recap of it. I found that I enjoyed writing up the recaps and she was entertained by them. She mentioned that I should share them with others.

So, here is my recap for 'Taxi Driver' and depending on the response, i will add my recaps from past episodes.

I should let you know, that I am anti-Castiel and if that bothers you, maybe you should find something else to read.

Kevin has translated the second trial. Sam has to get an innocent soul out of Hell:Bobby. *:) happy
Kevin is hearing Crowley in his head and he is scared shitless that Crowley is going to find him.
It seems that Crowley pulled a few strings and had Bobby sent to Hell, instead of Heaven.
Sam and Dean summon a crossroads Demon to find out how to get to Hell and get Bobby.
Instead of a pretty girl, a black guy shows up.
Sam and Dean tie him up and torture him with holy water to find a way to get into Hell. The CRD tells them to find a rogue Reaper that can lead them into Hell.
The rogue Reaper is called a 'Coyote'. Dean of course, thinks that he is going with, but Sam tells him no. The Coyote and Sam leave. According to Ajay (the Coyote) they will be back in 24 hours. Dean watches Sam go and sets his watch for 24 hours, because that is what Dean does, watches for his baby bro.
Ajay and Sam end up in Purgatory, which is the first step to Hell. Ajay tells Sam where to find the backdoor to Hell and that he has to be back in Purgatory, with Bobby, in 24 hours, for Ajay to take them back home (to Dean).
Meanwhile, Naomi visits Dean and tells him, that it was all Castiel's idea to hurt him. And that they are on the same side, and that she wants to help Dean. Dean is like 'whatever, I have a baby bro to wair for'.
Sam finds the way into Hell and he finds Bobby. And Jim Beaver returns, btw, his name wasn't in the opening credits, kudos to Carver for keeping that a secret. Bobby is a little worse for wear, but he is feisty as ever. Crowley had been torturing him with Sams and Deans, and he is happy to see the real thing. We get a Sam and Bobby hug. *&gt;:D< big hug Then they run, because they have a date with a Coyote. Although, I would have liked a little BoyKing stuff, demons running away from Sam screaming 'Shit, HE is here, run and hide'. But, that's just me. *=)) rolling on the floor Moving on.
Meanwhile, Crowley has found and killed Ajay. *:( sad Before you say anything, yes, reapers are controlled by Death, but somehow Crowley gained control over Ajay, I believe that is called, 'writers forgetting their own canon', but moving on. Important thing to remember is that, no Ajay, no getting home (to Dean). Not good. Naomi had let it slip (accidently on purpose) that Sam had to go through Purgatory to get to Hell. Dean went looking for Ajay, and found him dead.
Dean, as you expect, starts to panic and calls up BENNY. They meet up and Dean is thisclose to tears as he explains that Sammy is stuck in Purgatory and could Benny pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help. Benny says yes, because Benny did what he wanted to do (kill his maker) and now he is done. But he convinces Dean that he will come back with Sam and Bobby. Dean and Benny shake hands and hug and then with tears in his eyes, Dean beheads his friend, Benny *:( sad
Sam and Bobby are fighting their way thru Purgatory and are waiting for Ajay to come get them. They are attacked by vamps and Benny shows up to help. *:) happy Bobby gets ready to end Benny, but Sam grabs Bobby's hand and tells him that Benny is Dean's friend. Bobby *:-O surprise . Forgot to mention, Bobby's reaction when Sam told him that he DIDN'T look for his missing brother, *:-O surprise . Yes, even Bobby was pissed that Sam didn't look for Dean.
Sam showed Bobby a picture of his 'girl' friend and Bobby's reaction *:puke! puke. Nah, I made that last part up. Sam didn't show Bobby a picture of ugly girl, that is because she is so ugly, she breaks any camera that tries to take a pic of her. *=)) rolling on the floor Ok, let me stop. Moving on.
Benny leads them to the same portal that he and Dean went thru. Sam does the spell to get Bobby through and he gets ready to grab Benny as well, but Benny tells him that he will be staying in Purgatory. Benny tells Sam to tell Dean 'thanks'. I think that Sam has finally accepted Benny as one of the good guys and maybe wishes that he had tried a little harder with Benny. Sam goes thru the portal and Benny goes to fight the good fight in Purgatory, I see Benny maybe returning to the SPN world hopefully.
Dean is waiting at the same point that he returned to us way back in episode one, for Sammy. Sammy returns. They *&gt;:D< big hug because, they miss each other. Castiel who????? *=)) rolling on the floor Sam gets ready to free Bobby's soul to Heaven, when Crowley shows up and tries to get Bobby's soul back. Naomi shows up and Crowley leaves, Naomi sends Bobby's soul to Heaven and tells Dean that he can trust her. Right. *8-| rolling eyes
Sam tells Dean, that Benny stayed. Dean is upset, but mentions that he never burned Benny's bones, this leaves the door open for Benny's return. *:) happy Sam tells Dean that maybe he misjudged Benny. Dah.
Meanwhile, Crowley has found Kevin and informed him that his mom is dead (*:) happy). When Sam and Dean show up, Kevin and all his work are gone. We are left with the mystery of what happened to Kevin, did he run away or did Crowley take him? THE END.
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