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Hello everybody out there.

I have been in retail for over twenty years and I have always wondered, why are customers so stupid?

Why do I need to waste fifteen minutes of my life, explaining a sign to an English speaking twenty something woman, who thinks that she is better than me, because she is shopping and I am helping her? Obviously she isn't better, because she does not understand a sign that reads 'first two are $1, any additional ones are $2'. Really, why is that so hard to understand??? And yet, it took me fifteen minutes to go over it with her. She kept on asking me, 'how much would the third one be'? Dah.

Then there is the dimwit I helped yesterday. She wanted glitter pens. All we had were glitter glue in different colored sticks. She wanted to know if they could be used as pens. On the package, it clearly stated 'GLITTER GLUE'. I showed her that it said 'glue'. but she wanted me to ask someone else. So I got a hold of a fellow employee and told him the problem, he said that it is a glue stick, not a marker. I told him to talk to the lady, because I was done with her. I later asked him what happened. He said that the lady still insisted that she would be able to use it as a marker and took them to the register to pay for them. Dah.

Currently, I work in Staples, but before that I worked at RadioShack for 10 long years. You want to talk about stupid customers.

RS sells HP printers and they sell ink that goes with the printers. That is the only ink RS sells. No other HP inks, no canon ink, no epson ink, no brother ink. In my ten years in RS, I officially worked in three different stores, and I helped out in over ten other stores for a few days here and there. No matter what store, no matter the neighborhood, at least once every week I worked in RS, some fool would come into the store looking for an ink that RS didn't sell. When the idiot was told, that RS didn't have his ink. He will then ask the question 'then where can I get my ink?' Are you kidding me?? How about the place you bought your printer for starters? When told to go to Staples or OfficeMax, the idiot would look surprised that THOSE stores would sell ink. Stupid.

There were customers that came into RadioShack, looking to buy Metrocards for the bus/subway. One customer came into the store, looking for a power cord for his REFRIGERATOR.

Customers would come into the store and say 'phone case'. What the fudge does that mean? Doesn't anybody use sentences anymore? Or, they would shove their cordless battery in someone's face and say nothing. Doesn't anybody have manners. A simple 'please' would sound a lot better than saying 'I need to put minutes on my phone'.

Minimum wage does not mean minimum respect.
The customer is not always right. Sometimes they are dead wrong.
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