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I will be so glad when this week's sale is done.

We have composition books on sale, with a $5 purchase, you can get up to 3 for 10 cents each (four and more are $1 each). That's a limit of three with a five dollar purchase. Simple enough. Nope. The flyer clearly says 'limit three' and 'five dollar purchase'. The sign says clearly the same thing, but customers only see the 'ten cents'.


One customer asked me 'how many books were in a box'.
I asked him 'what books was he talking about'.
He said 'the ones on sale'.
I said 'you do know that there is a limit of three'.
He said 'really'.
I said 'yes'.
He took out his phone and told dimwit#2 that there was a limit of three. Dimwit#1 left with no books.

Female customer came over to me and said that the sign by the books, said that there was a limit, but the paper said nothing about a limit. I asked her for the paper and showed her where it said 'limit three'. She gave me a look, A fellow employee(Dave) was there and he started talking to her, I walked away. Later, he said that I shouldn't have shown her the limit in the paper, because it was rude. Huh?? Better for her to think that Staples was trying to deceive her, than to show her that the paper did mention the limit. Whatever. I was talking with another employee and he was shocked that Dave would say something like that.

Another customer wanted to know if he can order the compostion books online. I told him that I didn't know. I just checked and it is the same deal, limit three.

This other woman had twenty books in her shopping cart, when I told her the limit was three. She told me that she was going to do separate $5 purchases. When I had a chance, I took a walk upstairs to where the registers were and asked one of the cashiers if that were possible (I didn't think it was, but I wanted to check). She said that it was not going to happen. The manager would not allow multiple purchases just to circumvent the limit. Too bad I had to go back downstairs and miss the drama.

Then of course, there are the customers who need the sign explained to them. More of my life wasted on illiterate people.

Is it Saturday yet?


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