Aug. 22nd, 2012

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Bus drivers have to deal with stupid people.

Here in NYC, we have 'limited' buses on most of the bus routes. They are buses that stop only at main bus stops (mostly transfer points). At the top, where it says the route number and destination, it would also say 'Limited'. For example, for one of the buses I take to work it says 'B82 Limited Coney Island Ave via Kings Highway'. Got it? The driver also puts a sign in the window, that reads 'Limited' in three inch purple letters against an orange background. Sounds simple enough, wouldn't you say?

Nope, because stupidness is alive and well in NYC.

At least once every morning and once every evening, there is some dumbass on the bus, who doesn't understand the concept of an 'limited' bus.

He or she will ring the bell to get off at a local stop and then get mad at the driver, when he doesn't stop. When the driver informs stupid that it is not a 'limited' stop, stupid's response is always 'I didn't know this was a limited bus'. huh. Like I said, stupid.

The only ones more stupid than the ones on the bus, are the ones standing at a local stop, that wave their arms at the bus to stop. Yesterday, we had this guy in a pink shirt, standing at a local stop. The bus drove past his ass, but got caught at that block's traffic light. Stupid in the pink shirt ran up to the bus(in the middle of the street, mind you) and started banging on the door and cursing at the driver to be let it. Driver just ignored pink shirt. The light went green and we drove away.

Then of course, there are the idiots that just get on any bus that comes along, and then wonder why they are on the wrong bus.

An example, at the Flatbush Ave and Nostrand Ave stop, there are five different buses that stop there. Actually, when you count the limited versions there are really seven. So, you can see how someone not paying attention will end up on the wrong bus. Okay, some idiot is always sure to get on the B103 and as the bus makes the turn on Avenue H, he comes up to the driver and asks 'isn't this the B41? (The B41 goes straight up Flatbush Ave) Come on, does 'B 1 0 3' look like 'B 4 1'??? Just basic reading, people.

What about the idiots that have to go looking for their metrocard or change for the bus? So, you were just walking down the street, saw the bus and thought to yourself, 'hmm, maybe I should get on that bus?' Come on, you know you are getting on the bus, have your fudging fare ready. And put your fudging phone down for two seconds, so you can concentrate on finding your fare, dumbass.

I love the idiots that hold up two singles and ask 'does anybody have change', and then THEY GET MAD when nobody has any change for them. Are you kidding? You know you were getting on the bus and you know the bus does not take dollar bills, go into a candy story, buy a pack of gum or a chocolate bar and get fudging change. Don't expect us to have change for you and then get pissed when you are sh!t out of luck.

What about the idiots who come up to a bus that is caught at a traffic light (yards away from the bus stop) and bang on the door to be let in? Right, your clumsy ass falls, you sue the MTA, and the first question that the bus driver is going to be asked is 'why the fudge did you open the door?' Walk your ass to the bus stop and wait for the next bus, dumbass.

It really is amazing how stupid people are.
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When did customers become unable to help themselves?

Back when I first started in retail, a customer asked where something was and you told them what aisle to go to and where approximately it would be in that aisle. Now, customers expect you to not only walk them to the item, but to tell them about the item that they came in to get. Then after making a choice, they will hand (or try to hand) you the item, so that you can carry it to the register for them.

No I am not kidding.

In Staples, customers (and the company) expect you to stop what you are doing, to walk the customer to what they are looking for and then stand there until the customer decides that he can take on his own. Please, give me a fudging break. In fact, when the district manager is in the store, we are not allowed to do shipment, the boxes sit in the backroom until he leaves because he wants 100% service from everyone. Then the manager wants to know why shipment gets backed up. Dah.

Why do we have signs at every aisle, if we have to walk the cusomer to the merchandise. Can't the customer figure out, that if she wants to buy some sharpie markers, she should, maybe go to the aisle that says 'MARKERS'?????

I love the customers who come downstairs and expect what THEY want to be right there at the foot of the stairs. Hey lazy ass, walk around the store, you may find what you need and maybe some other stuff as well.

Another thing I hate, is that customers ask 'do you work here', when the answer is so fudging obvious. Last week, I walked out the backroom pushing a cart full of boxes and this stupid ass, asks me if I work there. Are you fudging kidding me? Dumbass.

But then, what is worse are the times they ask that question, when they should just keep their mouth shut and go away.

For example, I walked into the store, Monday morning. When you walk into our store, you have the steps going down about thirty yards or so from the front door. So, I walked towards the steps, said 'good morning' to the store manager Angela and started going down the stairs. This stupid customer started walking down as well. Now mind you, I was dressed in regular clothes, I had my handbag and a canvas bag (which had my work clothes). As I am walking down, this idiot asks me 'do you work here?' First of all, Angela should have greeted the customer after saying 'good morning' to me, second of all, you just passed someone who clearly worked in Staples, but no, you think I am going to help you, because we happen to be going to the same place. That is not going to happen. Right in front of Angela, I told her 'no'. I got to the floor and out of the corner of my eye, I could see her following me, so instead of turning into the stockroom, I walked along the back aisle. She continued to follow me, Eventually I put enough distance between us, so that I was able to walk into the stockroom. But come on, did I look like I worked in the store? Stupid idiot.

I got a better one. I went into my neighborhood CVS, a while ago. Dressed in jeans and a shirt. I had a canvas bag over my shoulder, because I was doing some shopping. So, I'm walking in the front of the store, and this woman was walking towards me and I recognized the 'I need help' look in her face. I walked down one of the aisles, just to get away from her and don't you know, I can hear 'excuse me, miss' behind me. She said it a few times, I got fed up, turned around, looked at her and told her 'that I don't work here'. She looked confused. Really who would know more about me working in the store, me or some stupid customer? I went about my business and left her standing there. As far as I know, she is probably still standing there waiting for me to help her.

You want another one. I started in 'Alexander's'. Our badges were a two by three inch rectangular blue piece of plastic, with a big ass 'A' on it. Remember that, it is going to be important. Our store was part of a shopping mall. So, I walked into 'CVS', and I still had my badge(remember 'A') on. This woman came up to me and started asking me where something was. I told her that 'I don't work here'. She looked at my badge (A) and said 'you don't?' HUH. Where does 'CVS' have a frigging 'A' in it? I walked away from this dumbass before I cursed her out for being stupid.

I had a customer look at my badge 'Nancy' and he started calling me 'Nance'. Really, who the fudge are you and why do you think you can give me a nickname? If I saw your ass in the street and you called me 'Nance', I would call you a 'mofo' and keep walking. And there is not a damn thing you can do about it.


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